New Texts on Ptolemaic Egypt

Csaba La’da has recently published Greek Documentary Papyri from Ptolemaic Egypt, Corpus Papyrorum Raineri, Band XXVIII, (de Gruyter, Berlin). This an edition of 13 hitherto unpublished papyrus documents in Greek from Ptolemaic Egypt (c. 305-30 BC). The texts were written in the last three centuries BC and probably originate from Middle Egypt. Many appear to have been recovered from papyrus cartonnage. The papyri include a wide variety of documents, such as a royal ordinance, a petition, two tax lists, a tax receipt, several accounts, official correspondence and a private letter. They provide valuable new information on the settlement pattern, transport system, economy, fiscal organisation, bureaucracy, prosopography, onomastics and law of Ptolemaic Egypt and thus afford us a unique insight into the social, economic, administrative and cultural history of this Hellenistic kingdom. The royal ordinance may well date from the reign of the famous Cleopatra VII. This volume will be of interest not only to Greek papyrologists but also to ancient historians and Egyptologists.


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