Welcome to the blog of Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent. A chance to get behind the scenes at Canterbury, and hear about the people and projects of the department from a more personal angle.

We hope that you enjoy your visit, and will keep coming back, whatever your interest, whether future, current or past student, to find out about the work of department and how you can get involved.

The Friends of Classics and Archaeology at Kent exists to support all aspects of the work of the department and keep its alumni in touch with the best of our research and current public events, both academic and social.

We hope that this gives you a chance to see how students and staff spend their time at the department, and that you can pick up on our excitement in exploring the ancient world.

All questions and inquiries to me, Luke Lavan. Happy blogging.



  1. Dear Dr Lavan

    I graduated in Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent in 2007.
    I am living and working in Canterbury and I am looking to pursue either Classics or Archaeological work as a hobby.
    Having visited the “Friends of Classics & Archaeology” blog I was delighted to read that you are looking for past students to be involved with your Classics department.

    I would be grateful if you could let me know of any opportunities, projects that I could be involved with.

    Thanking you

    James Deane

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