Posted by: lukelavan | December 2, 2010

Kent Fieldwork Evening 2010

Recent discoveries and current research of

The Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies

Tuesday 7th December 19:00 – 22.00 GLT3

An evening of illustrated lectures: free, and open to all.


Lloyd Bosworth                   The Canterbury Campus Survey 2010.

Dr John Hammond            Geophysical survey sheds new light on the Ringlemere Cup.


Dr Steve Willis      Fieldwork on the Lincolnshire Wolds 2010: Finds, features and the bigger picture.

Dr Patty Baker      Wallingford Castle Pier? Excavations in 2010.


Dr Evangelos Kyriakidis & Celine Murphy    Crete 2010: Clearing the Minoan Peak Sanctuary of Gonies-Philioremos.

Dr Luke Lavan    Late Antique Ostia 2010:  the Main Forum, Street Encroachment and the Early Medieval Transition.

The lectures will be held in GLT3, Grimond Building, University of Kent, Canterbury campus. Parking at the Gulbenkian Theatre, which is adjacent to the Grimond Building.


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