Posted by: lukelavan | July 16, 2010

CLAS Internships 2010

Ostia Port of Rome

Having completed my paid internship on ‘Ostia, Port of Rome’ I think I can safely say that I have come away from it with some highly useful skills, a bit more confidence, and something interesting to draw upon in potential job interviews. I now have a sound understanding of Adobe Illustrator, something I greatly enjoyed using, as well as experience with databases, (always a good thing to have on your CV). It was interesting to see what is done with the data collected by archaeologists on site, including that collected by the excavation team which I was part of at Ostia last September. Fortunately a computer was all I needed this time, and it was more fun than I anticipated, and I found out I can learn how to use specialist computer programmes, which made me feel a bit clever. So in conclusion this was a good worthwhile experience. Thankfully, I was able to obtain a paid job with Wessex Archaeology almost immediately on completing my internship.

(Lauren Figg, CLAS graduate 2009)

Late Antique Archaeology

I was impressed when the University of Kent advertised paid internships to help graduates get ahead in the tough job market. This was an opportunity to develop my skills, learn new ones and keep in touch with both the heritage sector and the University. The internship definitely lived up to my expectations.

I started as the intern for ‘Late Antique Archaeology’ in January 2010, supporting Luke Lavan in his research in this area. Both Luke and the University’s HR staff were great, always making sure I was getting the best out my internship, checking I was gaining a variety of new skills and making the most of opportunities. My biggest achievement was learning to use Adobe Illustrator from scratch to produce digital images which were of a high enough quality to be published. I now have some solid skills to physically show potential employers what I am capable of. 

My advice to new graduates is to volunteer and take internships: it will pay dividends in the end, and the varied experience will set you apart from other candidates. I can’t wait to continue the experience in September when I’ll be off to Ostia, Port of Rome to help out in Luke’s excavation.

(Rebecca Newson, CLAS graduate 2009)


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