Posted by: lukelavan | June 7, 2010

Excavations at Hatcliffe Top, Lincolnshire August 2009

Steve Willis’ excavation in Lincolnshire provided the perfect opportunity to experience excavation at first hand, especially as the results of this project will be used to answer important research questions. 

As a group we uncovered numerous features and finds dating to the Roman and possibly Saxon periods, all of which point to Hatcliffe Top having been an occupation site during these time periods.  Possibly the most exciting finds were the two Roman corn dryers, and the numerous coins dating from the Iron Age to the Roman and Saxon eras as well as various modern day currencies, seeing coins such as these first hand is a rare experience.  One reason it was possible to see so many coins recovered was because we had a metal detectorist on site scanning the spoil heaps.  Other than this the majority of the finds were bone and pottery, the most common finds of these periods. 

Over the course of nearly three weeks we got to experience many elements of a working archaeological site, from the planning of trenches to the recording of finds and features.  This experience included excavation, filling in context sheets, soil analysis, taking survey points, and on site archaeological plan drawings, these are all valuable skills which can be put to use in further fieldwork. The days on site were sometimes long and hard but never dull, as the ideas behind the sites function kept changing and evolving as the project developed and we dug the layers and features. 

There was never a dull moment on site was the good nature and humour of everyone participating, including members of the local society, which resulted in a friendly environment which was pleasant to work in. For many of us it would not have been possible to participate in the fieldwork had we not received one of the fieldwork bursaries offered by the University of Kent, as these allowed us to stay together and live in comfort for the duration of the excavation, which after a full day on site was a blessing! 

 Emma, Shervelle, Lisa, and Enid (May 2010)


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